Low-carbon living. For everyone.

With the MyBalance app and platform, you'll have a simple, effective method of measuring, reducing, and offsetting your carbon footprint.

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Are you taking steps towards net-zero?

If you care about our planet and believe like we do that it should be here for future generations to enjoy then you likely need to make some lifestyle changes. MyBalance has been designed to help you take those steps to live a low- or zero-carbon life!

How does it work?

Step one

First, we calculate your footprint. The MyBalance app is quick and easy to use. To begin, we ask a few simple questions in order to calculate your current carbon footprint.

Step two

Next, based on the answers that you provided in the previous step, we suggest a handful of changes that you could make to begin to bring down your footprint.

Step three

Next, let's get your footprint down to net-zero with our carbon offsetting schemes. This allows you to offset the carbon that you haven't removed with lifestyle changes.

Step four

Finally, our carbon check-in tools allow you to track how much carbon you use each month. What's more, you'll be able to see how much your footprint has reduced based on the changes you make.

I love how easy the app makes getting an estimate of my carbon footprint, and lays out really quick and simple ways for me to offset it. Great stuff🙌

- Lemondropz180

Does what it says on the tin

- Tombert88

I cannot believe how easy this was to use and I am shocked by my carbon footprint. So glad I downloaded it.

- Thevosp

Meet the team

The MyBalance app and platform is built and maintained by a dedicated group of people who are committed to making the world a better place one step at a time.

Sam, director

Passionate about achieving a low-carbon future for everyone, Sam leads the devlopment of the MyBalance platform.

Steve, director

Steve brings over 30 years of experience as chartered surveyor to the MyBalance project, providing expert advice and opinion.

Raj, IT infrastructure

Experienced in managing the latest software technologies, Raj ensures that everything runs smoothly.

Leon, consultant

Leon is a serial entrepreneur and software specialist, developing software products for over 30 years.

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